Terms & Conditions

Major Force Lacrosse (MFL) reserves the right to refuse service or membership to anyone for any reason at any time.


  • All fees are non-refundable and deemed final and collectible in full for all memberships, clinics, camps, and tournament participations once the initial deposit or payments is made for those stated activities. All membership and tournament fees will be collected in full for each calendar year. It is further understood, that Major Force Lacrosse (MFL) will take the necessary actions to collect all unpaid or uncollected funds in full and that no chargebacks will be accepted. To register and join MFL a parent must register through the MFL website and then electronically sign their name in the area provided which will be date and time stamped upon signature. By electronically signing the MFL registration form you and your daughter are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions as outlined. This contract is fully executable by law to collect any funds unpaid.
  • If you register as an Elite player but then decide to switch to be an Open player, you will still be responsible for all fees associated with being an Elite player. You will not be charged for participating in any Open tournaments that were included as part of your Elite package as they were already paid for as part of your Elite program.  However, the player will be required to play in the mixed Year of Graduation (YOG) unless pulled from the wait list. Elite membership fees cannot be used to pay for any events outside your package and are not transferable
  • If a player quits or withdraws from the club for any reason, then all payment plans will be drawn immediately by the club with no refunds provided unless approved by the Executive Director of Major Force Lacrosse. All tournament fees, guest fees, camp fees or any other fees collected are non-refundable. Any fees or costs associated with attempting to collect any monies due MFL will be charged to the parents or person of responsibility.
  • MFL will purchase the first uniform when a player first joins the club as a new member. However, after that the parent will be responsible for the cost of any uniform replacements. The family will order thru the online store on the MFL website directly with BSN Sports.


  • MFL is pleased to partner with Under Armour and BSN Sports by offering a full array of spirit wear as well as various types of lacrosse equipment all of which can be accessed through an online store on the MFL website.
  • All merchandise is ordered online directly through Under Armour and BSN Sports and as such any questions about sizing, returns, refunds etc. must be dealt directly with Under Armour or BSN Sports. Whoever is placing the order will be responsible for the accuracy of their order.
  • MFL is not responsible for any activity as it pertains to the online merchandise store.


  • A solo traveler is defined as a player who will be traveling to an MFL event by themselves and unchaperoned from their parents or legal guardian.
  • A solo traveler must be a current High School freshman or older.
  • All solo travelers must register and pay the solo traveler fee through the MFL website a minimum of 30 days prior to the start of the event unless traveling with another family who will be fully responsible for the solo traveler including transportation, housing etc. In addition, during the time of registration they must provide their transportation details along with emergency contact information. No refunds will be made should the player’s travel plans change.
  • No unchaperoned solo traveler will be allowed to stay alone in a room but must stay in an MFL assigned room with other solo travelers or stay with a member of the MFL staff. Solo travelers are not allowed to change rooms and must stay in the room assigned to them.
  • All solo travelers must immediately communicate any changes to their travel plans to Mary Fee, who is the onsite coordinator for MFL so she can update the records and have a cell phone with the stored numbers to our appropriate staf
  • Solo travelers must provide an active cell phone number to the MFL Staff
  • A solo traveler is required to exhibit good behavior, responsibility and accountability at all MFL events and related sponsored activities.


  • As a host family, you are agreeing to act as a chaperone for the solo traveler for the MFL event and as such it is your responsibility to make sure the solo traveler gets to and from the event along with coordination of lodging, meals etc. As a host family you will need to complete a “Host Family” form on the MFL website during registration or at least 14 days prior to the event. MFL will not be responsible for any transportation, meals, lodging etc. as it pertains to those solo travelers that are being chaperoned by a host family.


  • All elite are REQUIRED to attend all regional and local practices as scheduled as part of the athlete’s package. The athlete will now RSVP thru the dashboard and we will track participation. Practice/Clinics, full day trainings and team camp are all expected. We do allow excused absences but will not tolerate habitual absences. Injuries are unavoidable, but we need everyone to complete the new online absence form and it must be completed thirty days out or expect a penalty of $100.00. We only allow a small number per team so filing early is imperative.
  • Excused absences are injury, unexpected family emergency, illness, recruit based event on a college campus, death in family and school required academic functions. Playing in events for your HS team is not an excused absence such as fall leagues, local 7v7, 3v3 and tournaments. We are your number one priority. Family vacations, beach trips, and hanging out with friends is not an excused reason either.
  • No player ever is promised any specific team placement and it is the athletes responsibility to be at their field at least an hour before the first game, be ready and dressed to play. We expect the player to earn their sport thru hard work, discipline, and dedication.
  • No player will be double rostered with any other organized clubs at any events and Major Force will always be your primary club for which you will be rostered. We do allow multiple clubs, camps and clinic participation but we will be your only rostered spot at any events that may repeat within organizations.