High School Open

Major Force Lacrosse High School Open is for current 9th, 10th and 11th grade girls lacrosse players nationwide who are looking to advance their skills with the potential desire to play at the collegiate level. The Open membership is an a la carte program that offers players the flexibility as to which training sessions, camps, tournaments and other events they wish to participate in.


No commitment required

What's Included

Approximately 30 hours of training.  All tournaments are an additional cost and the player can “register and pay” to participate in any tournament subject to availability and the player’s eligibility. Custom uniform for new members consisting of a reversible jersey and kilt.  Full recruiting services at no additional fee.

Membership Fee

$900.00 per year

High School Open 2021 Training Details

Summer and Fall trainings will be held at the following locations:

  • Northeast Ohio players at Western Reserve Academy, Stow schools or John Carroll University
  • Central Ohio players at Bevelhymer Park in New Albany, Ohio
  • Southern Ohio players at Blue Ash or another central location in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Charlotte area players at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina
  • Atlanta players at a location TBD in the greater Atlanta area
  • Birmingham players at Birmingham Southern University
  • Myrtle Beach players at Ashley Booth Park in Myrtle Beach, SC

High School Open 2021 Tournament Details

  • All tournaments are “register and pay” and will be based on availability
  • Tournaments will be chosen based on the venue holder’s safety protocol and refund policy in case the event is cancelled due to the Covid-19 virus to help protect our player’s and families

Where applicable, all players are responsible for their own transportation to and from all events along with any required lodging. In addition, there will be no solo travelers permitted for the 2021 season.

High School Open 2021 Camp Details

  • Open players must “register and pay” for all camps
  • Tier One
    • Location TBD
    • Will be a series of (3) 4-hour training sessions held in the afternoon the day before three of the tournaments we participate in
  • Dog Days of Summer
    • Will be held both in Columbus, OH and Atlanta, GA in early August
    • Will be a one-day camp with training the the morning and game play in the afternoon
  • Overtime
    • Will be held in Atlanta, GA area in early December
    • Two-day camp featuring both training and game play

All training sessions, camps, tournaments and other events are subject to change and or cancellation due to the Covid-19 virus, weather and other unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of Major Force Lacrosse and as such, Major Force Lacrosse will not be liable for any compensation reimbursement due to any changes etc.

Additional Information

  • There are NO REFUNDS for any membership deposits or payments made on payment plans regardless of the circumstances including the Covid-19 virus. In addition, any payment plan unpaid balance is due in full to MFL within 30 days of the overdue payment. If necessary, MFL will use a third-party agency to collect all monies due to MFL.
  • One custom reversible jersey and kilt will be provided to new members only. Players are responsible for purchasing any additional or replacement jerseys.
  • All players are highly encouraged to consider purchasing the online insurance during the time of registration. This insurance policy is through a third-party company with no relationship to MFL.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is expected of an Open player?

Open players are encouraged but not expected to attended all tournaments, training days and camps. Open players have the flexibility to choose to attend any of the included summer and fall training days and have the option to register for tournaments and team camps for an additional fee.

Do players need to tryout for Open?

Major Force Lacrosse is not a tryout club. All players at all skill levels have the opportunity to join.

Are Open players able to participate in other sports or lacrosse clubs?

Yes, players are welcome to participate in other sports or lacrosse clubs. However, players must be committed and rostered to play for Major Force Lacrosse only at any tournament where both club teams are participating.