Code of Conduct

Major Force Lacrosse (MFL) has worked hard and continues to strive to earn and maintain our reputation for ethics, fair play and sportsmanship in all that we do whether it’s at a practice, game, tournament play or through a social activity. Proper conduct from both our players and parents is mandatory for being part our organization. Through proper coaching and mentoring our goal is to unlock the potential of each athlete within our program. We ask our athletes to strive for excellence through hard work, positive attitude, commitment and team play.


Parents are expected to set an example for good sportsmanship at all practices, games, tournaments etc. You are role models and will be held to the same high standards and conduct that we require of our players.

Parents must allow the MFL coaches to instruct the players during practices, games etc. Our coaches are college professionals and are teaching according to preset plans for consistency purposes. Parents are not to “coach” from the sidelines nor interfere but rather enjoy watching your daughter play lacrosse and support her along with all her teammates. Parents must recognize that MFL Coaches are willing to discuss players and/or coaching philosophies but agree that these discussions will only take place at the appropriate time and never during a practice, game or in the presence of another player or parent. While we encourage these interactions to come from the players first we very much value the input from parents. Parents agree to a “24 Hour Rule” which simply means if you have a SIGNIFICANT complaint as it pertains to a practice, game etc. then contact the coach the next day preferably by email to arrange a mutually convenient time to discuss your concern in a respectful manner. Please respect that our coaches are working with many players and many may have college coaching jobs and families of their own so please respect their time. Once again, MFL always prefer the player to initiate the meeting wherever possible as it shows maturity and helps build relationships.

Parents must never maliciously criticize, badger, harass or threaten an official, coach or a player from another team. To do so, is in strict violation of MFL policy as well as the rules of the game and will not be tolerated. In addition, parents must never confront any MFL staff member or coach over roster selections, playing time or what team your daughter has been placed on. This includes all methods of communication including phone, email, social media or face-to-face. Our coaches assign players to certain teams for various reasons such as the best fit for your daughter to maximize her exposure and where she’ll best fit in and contribute to the overall success of the team. In addition, some tournaments have certain guidelines such as age restrictions, year of graduation etc. which requires us to assemble teams based on those specific requirements. Finally, we expect all our MFL players to continue to strive for improvement in their playing skills and this is another factor in determining which team your daughter may be assigned to. Parents must further understand that equal playing time is not guaranteed on any MFL team but is earned through hard work and commitment to the overall success of the team. Our coaching staff continually evaluates the progress of each player and will offer constructive feedback to the player on how they can improve their skills and become better lacrosse players.



One of the goals of the Major Force Lacrosse (MFL) program is to teach the player responsibility and as such we hold them accountable for their actions and decisions. Players must represent MFL both on and off the field in a responsible manner at all times. Players are required to handle all communications, concerns etc. with their MFL team coach first and if a resolution cannot be reached then the player should contact Randall Swope or Mary Schwartz.


Players must have respect for the MFL staff, coaches, teammates, officials, opponents and all others associated with the game of lacrosse. Vulgar language, back-talking, negative comments, inappropriate behavior and a poor attitude will not be tolerated and will affect playing time along with possible termination from the club.

Commitment, Attitude & Work Ethic:

All players who fail to attend required practices and games without a prior approved excuse for absence will receive reduced playing time in the event immediately following the unexcused absence. We roster our teams well in advance and it is not fair to your teammates if the player is not totally committed to MFL and the overall success of the program.

Players should strive to become a better lacrosse player by having a strong work ethic and by using the skills taught to them by the MFL coaches. Many skill improvements drills can be done on your own such as “wall-ball” or simply playing “catch and throw” with a teammate etc. both of which will help you become a better player. If you have a bad attitude and not working hard then expect to have reduced playing time. Playing time is earned and not just given.


No player will be permitted to break tournament rules as it pertains to Year of Graduation (YOG) and class participation. When in doubt ask the Staff of MFL as the consequences of violating the rules could be extremely harmful especially in IWLCA sponsored events.

Players must arrive one hour before their first scheduled game and a half hour before for each subsequent game. They must be in full uniform and be prepared to warm up at that time. It is the responsibility of the player and not their parents to make sure you are at the right field and at the right time. Failure to adhere to these rules could result in reduced playing time.

Players can play in other events such as tournaments etc. however if it is a tournament that MFL is also participating in then the player’s first obligation is to MFL. In addition, the player must only wear the MFL uniform regardless which team they play for in these events.


All players and parents are responsible for making sure they are receiving emails from and following us on Twitter @MajorForceLax as these are our two primary forms of communication. In addition, both Players and Parents are responsible to keep all our information updated and current.

All registration links must be completed with the required timelines to enroll your daughter in the club.

If a player is requesting to be excused from a required practice, tournament etc. then they must complete an online Excused Absence Request form which is on the Major Force Lacrosse website ( and submit for approval at least 30 days in advance.

Please do not reach out to Lisa Mitchelides-Executive Director, any other MFL staff member or coach before 8:00AM EST or after 9:00PM EST unless it is an emergency.